Street Stepper

With summer right around the corner what are you going to be wearing on those hot runways of the streets? What will be your inspiration for the colorful skins of the season? Well, how about buying some TNB gear! We most definitely can get you street runway ready! We have everything from statement jewelry to fashionable clutch hand bags, and guys we haven't forgotten you. We have dope crew neck sweaters, hats , t-shirts and so much more. We’re constantly adding inventory to keep those fashionable trends coming your way all year round! Here are just a couple of statement pieces that should be in your closet summer 17.  We have the fabulous Cat Eye Frame Glasses available on the JocelynMercedes tab. Next we have a  blue KadoKele Trapeze Flowy Blouse. And lastly the NEO “bloodsucker” Denim Jacket. Theses are a must have and your closet is screaming for these items!! Don't deprive it from its clothes holding rights LOL. Now go on and get to shopping your closet is waiting and so are the summer street steppers.   
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Written By: Elina Estrella, TNB Intern

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