Summer Time Fine!

The summer time glow is ultimately achieved with good skin, a good outfit, and positive vibes! Although summer is sadly coming to a close, the beach and the resorts are still calling all of our names. We got you covered with swimsuits, sunglasses, and even body butters to keep you at maximum glow! One of my favorite swimsuits we have is the pink dashiki inspired bikini! (worn above) and the leaf print bikini . To keep your skin looking right on the beach and in those photos, I highly suggest trying out Glow Butter by Zala  and Shea Butter by Beauty N Simplicity ! Trust me! It makes a difference with your skin. To top it off, a beach trip is not complete without some sunnies to block the sun and any negative energy! Jocelyn Mercedes  has some dope sunglasses and clear frames to complete the look! Shop Top Notch of Boston today and get your life! Follow us on Instagram to maintain your positivity with our frequent inspirational quotes that we post to keep your spirit glowing!


Fashion Inspiration from celebs that customers could find similar pieces of from TNB


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Written by TNB Intern, Bethany Barrant

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